Renewable Fuel Solutions 2020 Rescheduled – Save the Date!

Due to the global COVID19 pandemic, The NW Alliance has rescheduled RFS 2020 for Thursday, September 24 at the Port of Portland. This event is free to all fleets and all members of the NW Alliance.

A Period of Dynamic Change, Part 1

PART I of II The transportation sector has entered a period of dynamic change. For roughly a century, we have propelled ourselves with internal combustion engines that burn liquid fossil fuels. At present we are evaluating a menu of fuel choices to drive us into the future, including propane, electricity, hydrogen fuel cells, and natural […]

A Period of Dynamic Change, Part 2

PART II of II Why Natural Gas? Natural gas is a proven technology that is cost-competitive and reduces both criterion air pollutants and GHG emissions. CNG and RNG are well-suited for use in congested areas where human health is compromised due to poor air quality. This is because CNG and RNG reduce criterion air pollutants, […]