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A Period of Dynamic Change, Part 1

PART I of II The transportation sector has entered a period of dynamic change. For roughly a century, we have propelled ourselves with internal combustion engines that burn liquid fossil fuels. At present we are evaluating a menu of fuel choices to drive us into the future, including propane, electricity, hydrogen fuel cells, and natural […]

A Period of Dynamic Change, Part 2

PART II of II Why Natural Gas? Natural gas is a proven technology that is cost-competitive and reduces both criterion air pollutants and GHG emissions. CNG and RNG are well-suited for use in congested areas where human health is compromised due to poor air quality. This is because CNG and RNG reduce criterion air pollutants, […]


New NGV engines are cleaner than alternatives. The Cummins Westport Ultra-Low NOx engine is 90 percent cleaner than the latest available diesel engine. It beats electric motors based on full fuel-cycle comparisons. Natural gas vehicle fuels reduce greenhouse gas emissions. A vehicle operating on liquefied natural gas (LNG) emits 11 percent less CO2 than a […]

Announcing the Northwest Alliance for Clean Transportation

JOIN US as we launch the Northwest Alliance for Clean Transportation, a group of diverse stakeholders with a common mission to promote a cleaner transportation environment through expanded deployment of natural gas vehicles (NGVs), particularly in the medium and heavy-duty transportation industry.